For over a decade, our Founder and self-proclaimed sports car nut - Andy Papa, has participated in high-performance driving

He’s purchased just about every Porsche imaginable – from the Carrera S to variants of the 911 GT series and the track-focused GT3 RS. Andy turned his focus to teaching car control – both on and off the track – and five years later, RS Xperience was born. Famed for his effortless piloting, unfaltering passion for sports car experiences and invaluable techniques, Andy is the ultimate lead-car performance guide.

Spearheaded by our skilled self-driving specialist and Founder – Andy Papa – our adventure-fueled rallies are the ultimate sports car experience. Few sights can raise the hairs on the back of your neck quicker than this locality. Famed for its scenic circuits – cutting through the mountains with its endless twisting curves – this is the perfect backdrop for our  performance car events.


Drive some of the best roads in the US and discover hidden gems


From its lush valleys and tumbling mountain streams to the buckling walls of the backcountry, our Smoky Mountain bucket-list driving tours are an all-encompassing, adventure-fueled, gritty, go-getter experience for performance car owners who live to drive.

From elevation changes to curves, and steering points to acceleration, each route is meticulously planned. Drive routes which are referred to as some of the best roads in the US and the world.  Regardless of your level, the thrill of executing your newly taught techniques on the tarmac becomes addictive!

Each event experience combines pre-determined routes, undiscovered vantage points, pre- visited and personally selected accommodation, flavorsome food, professional footage, long-range rally communication, and professional performance driving tips. It will revolutionize your view on driving. Unwind at the end of the day, discuss the drives and experience with your fellow drivers, over a cold beer.

With its headquarters in Kentucky – and future plans for a far-reaching footprint in the U.S. followed by the U.K. and Europe – RS Xperience is set to become the ultimate sports car self- drive event experience, encompassing all the elements of exceptional travel as part of an exhilarating driving adventure.