Beyond the meticulous planning and professional performance driving tips, the compelling camaraderie is what sets RS Xperience apart.

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Unique Driving

Driving is in our DNA. We yearn to get gritty and turn up the adrenaline. To feel our pulses quicken, to hear the engine’s note crystallizing into a howl behind you, to watch the tachometer and feel the drama unfold. Our gritty, go-getter rallies are geared towards owners of late model badged sports and performance cars, who live to drive!

Event: June 16 - June 19 2022

RSX Sports Car Rally Series | Blue Ridge Rally

A 2 day driving event for 8 cars featuring the best of the Smoky Mountains

Bring your own late-model sports or performance car and let us do the rest, from accommodations, meals, and drinks to video footage. Our inclusive itineraries maximize your driving experience.

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The Smoky Mountains in Fall
About Andy

Andy Papa

For over a decade, our Founder and self-proclaimed sports car nut – Andy Papa, has participated in high-performance driving – both on and off the track – and co-ordinated six years of rallies. Andy has logged over 10,000 miles in The Great Smoky Mountains. Famed for his effortless piloting, unfaltering passion for sports car experiences and sharing invaluable techniques, Andy is the ultimate lead-car guide.